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Simple yet powerful app for scanning and generating QR codes. Supports all types of QR codes, including vCard, WiFi, SMS, URL, and more. Available on both platforms.

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QR Code Scanner

The core functionality of the app is scanning QR codes from the camera. Quick and reliable scanning is ensured by implementing a low-level frame processing.

Scan Codes from Gallery

Unique feature of the app gives you the ability to scan QR codes from the gallery. Select an image and the app will automatically detect and scan QR codes from it.

QR Code Generator

Create QR codes from various types of data, including vCard, WiFi, SMS, URL, and more. Once generated, QR can be saved to gallery or shared as an image.

Scan History

Never lose your scanned codes - the app keeps a history of all scanned QR codes. You can access the history and re-scan any code at any time.

Codes Customization

Customize various aspects of the generated QR codes, including color, size, and error correction level.

Multilingual Interface

Application interface supports a wide range of languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and more.

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