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We build apps focusing on solving users' needs through a simple and intuitive experience. Quality, exceptional UX & UI, and top performance are what make our apps stand out.

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AI Toolkit

AI-powered reading and writing assistant for students, writers, and professionals. The app provides a variety of tools to help with writing, including grammar correction, paraphrasing, and summarization.

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Subtree provides a simple way to track subscription payments. Add all your digital subscriptions, receive payment reminders, and track spending. Available for iOS and Android, supports multiple languages and deep OS integrations.

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Geo Quiz

Geo Quiz is a simple and fun game to test your knowledge of world geography and learn about the world. It includes fun quizzes for countries, capitals, flags, and more. Available for iOS and Android.

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Simple yet powerful app for scanning and generating QR codes. Supports all types of QR codes, including vCard, WiFi, SMS, URL, and more. Available on both platforms.

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The Summary App

Generate high quality summaries from any text or website. The app supports cross-language summaries with multiple options of summary styles. We utilize many different AI models under the hood to provide the best summary results.

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Paraphrasing App

Rewrite, reword and restructure any text to make it unique. The app supports multiple languages and provides a variety of paraphrasing styles. We utilize many different AI models under the hood to provide the best paraphrasing results.

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Grammar Correction

Check, fix and improve the grammar of any text you write. The app can be used as an education tool since it provides detailed explanation of the grammar mistakes.

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Our take on habit tracking. Surprisingly simple app which accomplish one simple task - help users develop consistent routines and break bad habits.

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